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Dating is fun!
keep it that way!

Verify your partner's age, reputation, sex health status...

BUT! skip the awkward questions... 

just scan, check & go


How It Works

scan check & go!

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1. Find other
Clear Sparrows

on your favorite dating/mingling site

 - 🤍🐦

Go to your next rendezvous knowing that you can VERIFY your partner's age, reputation & sexual health status (aka. latest STD & STI lab dates & results)


2. Give him/her a sneak peek

so everything is clear before your date

Open the Clear Sparrow App and scan your face! Request a shareable QRCode or link, type in your new friend’s email or phone and VOILA!


3. Take a peek

At your partner's latest reputation information and sexual-health related labs

You can see WHEN he/she got tested for WHICH STD/STIs and the positive/negative RESULTS.

Also, verify that your partner is 18 years or older and if they have any criminal records*

*based on client's request & permission


4. Time to Party!

IF you get the all-clear...

In just a few minutes, without asking awkward questions, or having to trust the word of your new friend, you can now indulge in the pleasures of dating with peace of mind.

5. Because there is more to dating

We also offer background records

(Rape, domestic violence, battery and sex trafficking)


For less than
breakfast in bed

per month

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Are my identity and health records protected?

Yes! Clear Sparrow never disclose your identity, that's why identification is done via face recognition. Furthermore, your records are stored in a super secure HIPAA compliant storage. Your STI & STD records are ONLY displayed through the scan of your face and the confirmation of your consent when you input your password.

How can I update my test records?

Clear Sparrow automatically updates the STI & STD records available on major Electronic Health Records services. So, if you had your tests done by the most popular labs and traditional healthcare providers most probably we will receive the updated results automatically. If there's been some time since your last test, you can update your records by ordering lab tests from the leading labs (LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics & Molecular Labs) in our marketplace.

What Can We Help You With?

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